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Censored News seeks sponsors for Native Americans to COP 23 Germany

Hi friends,
Censored News is seeking sponsors for a few of our hard working Native American writers to be part of the climate discussions at the peoples' World Climate Change Conference, in Bonn, Germany. World leaders will discuss the crisis of climate change at COP 23, Nov. 6 -- 17, 2017.
The airfare cost for our longtime Native writers is $1,400 each, plus the cost of food and ground transportation.
If you can provide sponsorship, please contact me for more information.
Our Native writers have shared their work without pay over the past 12 years, exposing the censored news in Indian country, as they struggle against human rights violations in their homelands.
Recent hurricanes, floods and wildfires alert us all to the necessity of working together for solutions, and creating bonds with good hearts around the Earth.
Thank you, Brenda
Brenda Norrell, publisher, Censored News

Censored News is now in its 12th year with no ads, grants, revenues or salaries, providing a news service focused on Indigenous Peoples and human rights.

World Climate Change Conference, Bonn, Germany (English, German, Spanish and Polish translations)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

LIVE Stop Enbridge Line 3 Frontline Resistance

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 -- WATER PROTECTORS are alive and strong and shutting down the streets en route to the Line 3 public hearing in Duluth, MN. Frontlines in the front 

Mohawk Nation News 'Weinsteins of Indian Country'

Mohawk Nation News
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MNN. OCT. 18, 2017. When young native girls go out for jobs, they are immediately targeted by sleazy predators for sexual abuse. In a lawyer’s office the 19 year old native was asked to stay after work and take some dictation. After everybody was gone, this slime tried to stroke her back and neck and to drag her onto his couch. She fled and never went back, not even for her pay. Years later she saw him at the courthouse. Shaking, she reminded him he owed her money. He smiled, “No. It’s past the statute of limitation!” 

Read article at Mohawk Nation News

World Climate Protest at COP 23 Bonn, Germany Nov. 11, 2017


World Climate Conference Bonn
Mass Demonstration on World Climate Action Day
Saturday, November 11, 2017

English, Spanish, Polish and German


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Sheriffs at Door: Enbridge trying to shut down environmental group, seize assets

Now! Enbridge trying to shut down environmental group and seize assets

Update at 1 p.m. local time: Enbridge appears to have backed down following widespread exposure today.
Enbridge said on Twitter just now, "We have asked the Sheriffs not to seize any assets of and we will not be pursuing the matter further."
Check back for updates.

Press statement by 

October 17, 2017
Censored News
Watch video now: "It is an attempt to intimidate us and bully us. We will not be bullied," Stand member says of Enbridge, after Sheriff said they are seizing their computers, and will return with a moving truck.

VANCOUVER, BC - At this moment sheriffs are waiting outside the office at 207 W Hastings on Enbridge's orders to seize all assets of the organization.
This morning our staff was served a notice of writ of seizure and sale, and two sheriffs showed up at our door, demanding to take all of our assets.
This because stood up to the National Energy Board under Harper to fight against inadequate public consultation for Tar Sands pipelines in 2014 and now Enbridge is trying to shut down the organization in order to pay their court costs.
"This is an outrageous act of bullying by Enbridge", says Campaigns Director Karen Mahon. "Enbridge is a massive corporation that earned $4.6 billion last year, yet is demanding pay their court costs, even though time has proven them wrong."
Enbridge sees that is a threat, and is thus trying to stop our work.

One day after we won against forestry giant Resolute in court, pipeline giant Enbridge is shamelessly trying to intimidate us by threatening to seize our computers and furniture. This is pathetic and we won't be intimidated.

Since Monday, Enbridge has been in major headlines three times. 1 The global newspaper The Guardian featured Secwepemc Warrior Kanahus Manuel speaking out against Enbridge on tour in Europe. 2. Enbridge sent Sheriffs to seize the computers and assets of a small environmental group,, in Vancouver B.C., this morning. Enbridge backed down today after a major backlash. 3. On Monday, Trump approved Enbridge's tarsands Alberta Clipper Line 67 pipeline expansion to double in size at the US crossing at Neche, North Dakota. 
-- Censored News

Kanahus speaks out in Europe, featured in The Guardian:

Trump approves tar sands oil pipeline expansion at North Dakota border:

Zapatistas in Morelia 'Destroying the Monster and Strengthening the Movement'


"We must destroy this monster and we must do it all together .. We have to shake hands with everyone, everyone who feels that it’s important to have a dignified life, a life that we have to transmit to all those who come after us."

Posted on
Well, we already listened to our council member compañeras that make up the Indigenous Government Council and before beginning (my talk) I want to report that as of right now we have 141 council members that are already making up the Indigenous Government Council; they are from 35 indigenous peoples from 62 regions of the country, out of the 93 that we had thought council members could come from, then we’re still walking, still organizing the different indigenous peoples to complete that large Indigenous Government Council.

Indigenous Women's Delegation Pursues Fossil Fuel Divestment Across Europe, Amidst Growing Global Movement


Indigenous Women's Delegation Pursues Fossil Fuel Divestment Across Europe, Amidst Growing Global Movement

By WECAN International
Censored News
Media Contact: Emily Arasim (WECAN Communications) -
Michelle Cook -

MUNICH, Germany (October, 17 2017) - In the face of many dire challenges, Indigenous women leaders of the Standing Rock movement and their allies remain unyielding in their quest for justice regarding the violations of Indigenous rights, human rights and the rights of the Earth and climate perpetrated through the development of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and other fossil fuel projects across Indigenous territories in the U.S. and around the world.

For the past two weeks, an Indigenous Women's Divestment Delegation to Europe has traveled through Norway, Switzerland and Germany to engage with political leaders, representatives of financial and insurance institutions, civil society groups, and members of the media to share personal accounts and calls to action for immediate divestment from fossil fuel companies that endanger rights and neglect Indigenous People's right to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) as outlined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Delegation members included - LaDonna Brave Bull Allard (Lakota historian, member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and founder/landowner of Sacred Stone Camp); Jackie Fielder (Mnicoujou Lakota and Mandan-Hidatsa, Campaign Coordinator of Lakota People's Law Project and organizer with Mazaska Talks); Michelle Cook (Diné/Navajo, human rights lawyer and a founding member of the of the Water Protector Legal Collective at Standing Rock); and Tara Houska (Anishinaabe, tribal attorney, National Campaigns Director of Honor the Earth, former advisor on Native American affairs to Bernie Sanders); along with Osprey Orielle Lake (WECAN Executive Director and delegation organizer).

Delegation meetings centered in Norway, Switzerland and Germany due to these nations' role as home bases for several of the world's largest financial and insurance institutions supporting dangerous extraction developments. These European nations and their institutions also however, have enshrined some of the world highest human rights and Indigenous rights standards, creating an opening for Delegates to call for firm action by banks and investors of these nations to uphold their high standards and become an international model for justice and accountability.  

During meetings with Norwegian Parliamentarians, DNB, the Council on Ethics to the Norwegian Oil Fund, UBS, Credit Suisse, Zurich Insurance, Swiss Re, BayernLB, Allianz, Deutsche Bank and others, Delegates brought to the forefront demands for Indigenous and human rights as outlined in international law, and calls for divestment through corporate level and/or project level finance to stop unwanted fossil fuel development in their territories.

In addition to continued advocacy regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline - the women highlighted the growing pipeline resistance by Indigenous peoples and allies to Keystone XL (TransCanada), Trans Mountain (Kinder Morgan) and Line 3 (Enbridge) pipeline projects - calling for international solidarity and action to prevent continued harmful developments.  

The bold actions and advocacy of the Delegation work comes as part of a growing global movement which is pursuing diverse fossil fuel divestment efforts as a critical and effective strategy to protect the global climate, the health of communities, and rights of Indigenous communities and others experiencing the impacts of oil extraction and climate change on a daily basis. Upcoming global actions include the #DivestTheGlobe campaign taking place worldwide while Equator Banks hold their central meeting in São Paolo, Brazil on October 24 (

The Autumn 2017 Indigenous Women's Divestment Delegation was organized by the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International in partnership with the leadership of Indigenous women and their directives - and builds upon an initial Spring 2017 delegation.

The press is encouraged to reach out with all media and interview requests.

Full Delegate biographies available here:

"We are Native women of the land and water standing up to protect our future and the future for all humankind. We are asking bank and insurance companies to divest from fossil fuels and invest in your communities. Mni Wiconi, Water is Life." explains LaDonna Brave Bull Allard (Lakota historian, member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and founder/landowner of Sacred Stone Camp)

"The delegation was successful in increasing Indigenous women's international financial literacy and building their capacity and knowledge relating to insurance and rating agencies of banks and corporations. Providing platforms for engagement and participation between indigenous peoples and banks is critically important for the advancement of our rights and fundamental freedoms." explains Michelle Cook (Diné/Navajo, human rights lawyer and a founding member of the of the Water Protector Legal Collective at Standing Rock)

"DNB, UBS, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, & Bayern LB continue to maintain relationships with Energy Transfer, Enbridge, and other companies that violate indigenous people's right to withhold or deny consent to projects in their territories. That is why we will continue to grow our divestment movement internationally and pressure banks to follow BNP Paribas in their steps away from financing the worst fossil fuels." explains Jackie Fielder (Mnicoujou Lakota and Mandan-Hidatsa, Campaign Coordinator of the Lakota People's Law Project and organizer with Mazaska Talks)

"Divestment is working. BNP Paribas announced it won't do business with tar sands, fracking, or Arctic drilling, sending a clear message to the rest of the banks - stop funding destruction and climate change. This follows several other banks pulling out of Dakota Access pipeline funding. Our delegation has met with banks, insurers, and plenty of engaged citizens who want future generations prioritized over big oil profits. People all over the world are organized, mobilized, and standing together for a better tomorrow." explains Tara Houska (Anishinaabe, tribal attorney, National Campaigns Director of Honor the Earth, former advisor on Native American affairs to Bernie Sanders)

"In the pursuit of justice, WECAN International is calling for financial and insurance institutions engaged in fossil fuel extraction and development projects to stop business as usual given egregious violations against Indigenous peoples and their lands - and given the urgency of climate change. If institutional guidelines that are supposed to uphold rights are not working, then we need to look systemically at how these guidelines must change and be implemented to take into account Indigenous and human rights and climate chaos. There is no time to lose as climate disruption escalates and people around the world face life and death situations. We can course correct now and look towards a better future." explains Osprey Orielle Lake (Executive Director and Founder of the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network, WECAN)


Photo Download - Delegates Michelle Cook, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Tara Houska and Jackie Fielder - Credit: Teena Pugliese -

About The Women's Earth & Climate Action Network (WECAN) International

The Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN International) is a solutions-based, multi-faceted organization established to engage women worldwide as powerful stakeholders in climate change, climate justice, and sustainability solutions. WECAN International was founded in 2013 as a project of the 501(c)3 Women's Earth and Climate Caucus (WECC) organization.

'Water is Life' Standing Rock and French Guiana Speak Out in Paris, Photos by Christine Prat

Cannupa Hanska Luger, Hidatsa/Arikara/Mandan/Lakota born in Standing Rock
Delegation from French Guyane (Guiana), to show French people that there are Native Americans in "France" too

Tara Houska, Honor the Earth

Cedar, Kanahus and Annie of CSIA

Cedar George, also struggling against Kinder Morgan

Mika Sommer, Indigenous Youth of French Guyane

Ricardo Alvaro, representing Congresso Nacional Indigeno in France
Edith (president) and Sylvain (vice-président) of CSIA

Yanuwana Tapoka (Christophe Pierre) Indigenous Youth of French Guyane

Solidarity Committee with American Indians in France hosts Earth Defenders in Paris, October 2017Water is Life Tour in Europe
Photos by Christine Prat
Censored News
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Copyright Christine Prat, Censored News

Mohawk Nation News 'Creation the Avenger'


 Mohawk Nation News
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MNN. Oct. 17, 2017. People know that creation is in charge. Natural power comes through the women who are closest to the earth and connect to the moon. Everyone has to figure things out. We must do what all of creation tells us by listening and living according to its spirit. 
Read article at Mohawk Nation News

Monday, October 16, 2017

Secwepemc Warrior Kanahus Manuel in Paris 'Divest in Kinder Morgan pipeline'

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

PARIS -- Secwepemc Warrior Kanahus Manuel, following the path of her father Art Manuel, writes from Paris today, "In Paris to address the banks and insurance companies to pull their insurance and investment from the Trans Mountain Kinder Morgan pipeline and from Kinder Morgan Canada, the corporation. We are citing the risks and uncertainty around Unceded Indigenous Territories in BC, the environmental risks, economic risks, legal risks and political risks. I am travelling with the Secwepemc Risk Assessment put together by Indigenous Network of Economies and Trade citing all of these risks. We will never surrender or cede or lands, there is NO CONSENT from Indigenous Nations to build this pipeline."

                                    Kanahus writes, "Standing Strong with Kali'na Nation in Paris"

Meeting with National Assembly in Paris
Kanahus Manuel says of meeting with the National Assembly in Paris: "Kukstsemc to the Indigenous Solidarity allies in Paris for organizing the meeting with the National Assembly in Paris. Secwepemc, Ktunaxa, Tslielwatuth, Tulalip, Anishnabe, Mandan Hidatsa Arikira and Kali'na represent."

Kanahus is also featured today in the global newspaper based in the UK, The Guardian. in the article, "Indigenous Rights, Serious Obstacle to Kinder Morgan Pipeline, Report Says"
... The report also notes that the likelihood of increasing Indigenous protest has not been accounted for by the company. Inspired by her time at the Standing Rock encampment, this fall Manuel and others finished constructing the first of several tiny houses – to be outfitted with solar-panels – that they will place in the path of the pipeline as an act of defiance. “We will defend with all of our capacities our unceded lands and waters from this climate chaos-fuelling pipeline,” Manuel said from Europe.
“The government has to follow the minimum standards laid out in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – that includes free, prior and informed consent, which they have not gotten from us for the project. Instead Kinder Morgan is hiding the risks and the costs their backers will face when this pipeline doesn’t get built.” 
Read article:

GERMANY PHOTOS Indigenous Women, Water Protectors from Standing Rock, Inspire

GERMANY PHOTOS Indigenous Women, Water Protectors from Standing Rock, Inspire 

WECAN International's Indigenous Women's Delegation, Water Protectors from the camps at Standing Rock, inspired others in Germany, as they spoke out for divestment from Energy Transfer Partners, Dakota Access Pipeline, and fossil fuels. The delegation urged banks and financial institutions in Norway, Switzerland and Germany to divest for the good of future generations and the future of Mother Earth.
Photos in Germany by Aktionsgruppe Indianer and Tany Batallas.

Der Widerstand gegen die Dakota Access Pipeline
WECAN-Delegation in München
By Aktionsgruppe Indianer
German and English
Der entschlossene Widerstand gegen die Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, USA, prägte 2016 die Schlagzeilen der nationalen und internationalen Presse. Trotz der Genehmigung des Projekts im Februar 2017 ist der Kampf nicht vorbei. Denn mit der Line 3 Pipeline, der Keystone XL Pipeline oder der Trans Mountain Pipeline geht die Zerstörung des Landes und die Missachtung indigener Rechte weiter. Dabei gilt es insbesondere sich an die Geldgeber des Projekts zu wenden, d.h. Banken, Versicherungen und Investoren, um sie zum Ausstieg aus solchen Projekten zu bewegen.
Vom 10.-13.10.2017 war daher eine Delegation indigener Frauen nach Stationen in Oslo und Zürich in München zu Gast der Aktionsgruppe Indianer & Menschenrechte, um auch hier um Unterstützung zu werben.
Organisiert von Osprey Orielle Lake, Gründerin von WECAN gehörten zur Delegation LaDonna BraveBull Allard (Initiatorin des Widerstandcamps in Sacred Stone), Tara Houska (Anwältin für Indianerangelegenheiten und Campaignerin bei Honor the Earth), Michelle Cook (Mitglied des Anwaltskollektivs der Water Protectors in Standing Rock) und Jackie Fielder (Koordinatorin des Lakota People’s Law Projects).
Es war eine ereignisreiche Woche mit zahlreichen Terminen, u.a. mit der BayernLB, der Deutschen Bank, der Allianz, diversen Interviews (u.a. Radio Lora) und einer öffentlichen Veranstaltung.
We thank all the wonderful women for coming to Munich and for sharing her experiences with us.

The resistance to the Dakota access pipeline
Wecan delegation in Munich

The decisive opposition to the Dakota access pipeline in North Dakota, USA, coined the headlines of the national and international press in 2016. Despite the approval of the project in February 2017, the fight is not over. Because with the line 3 Pipeline, the Keystone XL pipeline or the Trans Mountain pipeline, the destruction of the country and the disregard of indigenous rights continues. In particular, it is important to address the funding of the project, i.e. banks, insurance companies and investors in order to get them out of such projects.
From 10 to 13.10.2017, a delegation of indigenous women to Oslo, Zurich and Munich was a guest of the Indian & human rights action group, in order to promote support here.
Organized by Osprey Auriel Lake, the founder of WECAN, the delegation was comprised of Ladonna Brave Bull Allard (Initiator of resistance camps in Sacred Stone), Tara Houska (Attorney for Indian and campaigner at Honor the Earth), Michelle Cook (member of the lawyer collective of water protectors in Standing Rock) and Jackie Fielder (Coordinator of the Lakota People's Law Projects).
It was a eventful week with numerous dates, including BayernLB, the Deutsche Bank, the alliance, various interviews (including radio Lora) and a public event.

We thank all the wonderful women for coming to Munich and for sharing her experiences with us.

New Mexicans want science, not fake news in classrooms

New Mexicans speak out against proposed
politicized science standards

By Sierra Club, Rio Grande Chapter
Censored News

Hundreds of New Mexicans spoke Monday in opposition to the New Mexico Public Education Department's politicized edits to the Next Generation Science Standards, removing references to climate change and the age of the Earth for its proposed public-school science curriculum.

Listen Native American Music Award's Winning Songs 2017

Nahko and Medicine for the People
Medicine Tribe! We did it Our album 'HOKA' won record of the year at Native American Music Awards - NAMA LIVE  This is a huge recognition by our indigenous relatives and it also serves as an opportunity to build bridges. The truth is we need each other right now and the music can be that glue. From Mauna Kea to Standing Rock and all across Indian country I want to say Thank you. We are blessed. We are grateful. We are strong as a mountain. 

Listen to Nahko and Medicine for the People on Soundcloud

Well folks I just got word that we have won the Native American Music Award for "Group of the Year." A long list of people to thank but special thanks to all the friends and fans that support us on the daily and that voted for us. Shoutout to Old Town School in Chicago for capturing such a great live recording. Special thanks to the Native American Music Awards and Association for this amazing honor. Love and gratitude to our Manager Joann Moore and our agent Greg Bura  To all the musicians, artists, producers, promoters, venue owners, and sponsors who have been a part of the Cody Blackbird Band we extend our sincere gratitude, Special thanks to Xavier Torres who is a former band member and recorded on this album.
Listen to Cody Blackbird on Soundcloud 

Levi Platero wins Best Rock / Best Blues at the 2017 Native American Music Awards. "Thank you for everyone who supported and voted for us, we really do have the best fans in the world," Levi said.
Listen to Levi Platero on Soundcloud
Lil Mike and Funny Bone, "Shout Out to everyone that caught us at the 2017! Native American Music Awards."

17th Annual
Native American Music Awards

Artist of the Year
Josh Halverson
“Year of the Thunderbird”

New Artist or Debut Artist of the Year
Lucas Ciliberti

Debut Duo/Group of the Year
Black Bear Brothers
“Songs from Cheyenne Creek”

Best Female Artist
Kelly Derrickson
“I Am”

Flutist of the Year  
Randy McGinnis
“The Journey  - hi a vi si i”

Duo/Group of the Year
The Cody Blackbird Band
“Live From Chicago”

Best Male Artist
Conrad Benally
“Always And Forever”

Record of the Year
Nahko and Medicine For The People

Song of the Year
“Shooting Blanks”
Mickie James

Best Music Video -Best Concept
DJ Shub  and Northern Cree Singers

Best Music Video -Best Performance
Jan Michael Looking Wolf Band  

Best Music Video- Best Narrative
“Never Give Up”
Artson, Supaman & Quese Imc

Native Heart (Non Native)
Bearheart Kokopelli
Bernhard Mikuskovics
“Native Heart”

Best Country Recording
“You’ve Got to Go Back the Way That You Came”
Danielle Egnew

Best Folk Recording
“Year of the Thunderbird”
Josh Halverson
Best Gospel/Inspirational
“Awake, Arise and Shine”
Callie Bennett

Best Instrumental Recording
“Songs of the Earth”
Vince Redhouse

Best Native American Church Recording
Cheevers Toppah

Best Pop Recording
Cherokee National Youth Choir

Best Pow Wow Recording
“It’s A Cree Thing”
Northern Cree

Best Rap/Hip Hop/R&B Recording
“The 7th Generation Prophecy”
Sten Joddi

Best Rock / Best Blues Recording
“Take Me Back”
Levi Platero

Best Traditional Recording
“Before America”
James Edmund Greeley  

Best Waila Recording
“Creed and Culture”
Native Creed

Honorary Award of Excellence
Arthur Redcloud

Lifetime Achievement Award
Gary Farmer

Hall of Fame
Mickie James

VIDEO Best Music Video -Best Concept
DJ Shub  &  Northern Cree Singers

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